WE CARE PRACTICE DENTISTRY OUTSIDE USA Practice dentistry outside USA to treat the world community. The world community appreciates the care rendered by those who find themselves practicing dentistry on foreign shores. Dentistry is an industry practiced in the United States at a very high level. Dentists take the time to pursue continuing education courses […]


WE CARE Peaceful Times Take time to focus on the peaceful times that come to us. In the quiet and stillness of each day is another opportunity to experience life’s peace. The workplace becomes a war room where daily battles are won or lost  planning  the hours, days, months and years to come. My workplace […]


WE CARE Personal Retirement Plans Personal retirement plans are well thought out and developed over many years. Talk to patients that we serve through emergency dental care and you hear their stories preparing for retirement. Statistics reveal over 20 percent of dentists in America are practicing in the state of California. California has drawn people […]


WE CARE Magnificient Seven, good versus evil. Magnificent Seven is the remake of a movie with a great cast similar to our dental team. Our dental team reminds me of the magnificent seven, working daily in life’s trenches for the greater good of others. Good triumphing over evil  is a movie to look forward to […]